About Our Singing Bowls

At SingingBowls.uk we specialise in providing quality Himalayan Singing Bowls. We regularly stock hundreds of Hand Beaten Bowls, which can be found and played at our retail shop. All our Singing Bowls are played and bought at origin. We only import Singing Bowls that play well with a Suede Puja stick. We disregard many Bowls along the way that won’t play with a Suede Puja stick or have other sound imperfections. Nearly all of our stock of Singing Bowls are hand beaten, some are new many are old collected Thadobati and Jambati Singing Bowls. Our Hand Beaten Singing Bowls are all made with the seven traditional metals of Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead. They represent Gold as the Sun, Silver as the Moon, Mercury as Mercury, Copper as Venus, Iron as Mars, Tin as Jupiter, and Lead as Saturn.

Our Jambati and Thadobati old Antique Singing Bowls have been collected as opposed to the new Bowls, which are sourced in and around the Kathmandu Valley. The old Singing Bowls are collected from in and around the Himalayan regions of Nepal and North India. The older Singing Bowls generally are made up of a finer combination of the seven metals and hence more often than not offer a finer clearer tone. This is not to distract from the new Singing Bowls we sell. The new Bowls we have are still of a high standard and are still made of the traditional methods. We go to great lengths to make sure the ones we choose play nicely and have a nice sound. We disregard many of the new Bowls, which will play but are only compatible to a wooden Puja stick.

We have many Singing Bowls with etched designs and motifs. These etched Singing Bowls have been made in Nepal using the ancient, time-consuming method called the “Itching Process” which is similar to the acid etching process. These Bowls are adorned with mantras and various Buddhist Symbols which include Double Dorjes, Buddhas, Auspicious symbols etc. Tibetan / Himalayan Singing Bowls aren’t created to correspond to a particular note. 

They are made as they come. Once the Bowls are completed we then use several different measuring devices to ensure we have correctly identified the note. For each of our Singing Bowls we supply you with the note and Chakra of the Bowl. The note of each of the Singing Bowls corresponds to one of the seven major chakras within the Hindu Chakra system.

Each of the Bowls is made from the same materials and by the same people but yet the quality of each Bowl is different. In every batch we come across there will be average sounding Bowls, poor sounding Bowls and beautiful sounding bowls. Our job is to play each and every one, separating the beautiful sounding Singing Bowls from the rest. All Singing Bowls will play with a wooden mallet but not all will play with a suede mallet.

All our Singing Bowls are supplied with a Suede Puja stick as standard. There are many Singing Bowls on the market that come only with a wooden Puja stick. In most cases this will be because the Bowl cannot be played with a leather stick. If you are playing a Hand Beaten Singing Bowl with a leather Puja stick this will give it a clean, clear tone. A wooden Puja stick will sound abrasive and distorted. We play all the Singing Bowls we buy at source and eliminate that don’t play with a leather stick. Our medium and larger Bowls are also supplied with a drumstick for striking the Bowl. We also include a Singing Bowl cushion. The size is dependent on the size of the Bowl but all our cushions are the nicest we can buy. Most of our cushions come adorned with Double Dorje design. The larger ones have also the eight auspicious symbols. If you would prefer a different colour cushion to the one in the photograph please let us know and we will gladly change that for you whenever possible. We also sell the Cushions, Puja sticks and drumsticks as separate items. All of our medium to large size Singing Bowls are photographed individually and the Bowl you see with the sticks and cushion are what you will receive. We don’t use library pictures. For some small Bowls that are identical in size and style we may use the same photo but this is the exception not the rule.

 All the Singing Bowls we have for sale will have the weight of the bowl in the description. Some sellers may supply you only with the size of the Bowl. Some of these may look great in the photograph but there are many Singing Bowls around that are of a thin nature giving a tinny sound and being liable to crack quite easily. Each of our descriptions will always give you both the size and weight of the Singing Bowl.

If you have any comments or queries regarding our Singing Bowls, please feel free to e-mail us at SingingBowls.uk at mail@singingbowls.uk, and if at any time you would like to come along and try any of the bowls please check out our opening times from the link on our home page.