About Our Gongs

Gongs have been used in Temples and monasteries in the Himalayan regions of Asia for many centuries. To start the day, to end the day and throughout the day, the gong is used in the daily routines of the temple. Most commonly a flat circular disc, the gong is suspended by rope and struck with a mallet. Gongs come in a variety of different styles. As well as the flat wind gongs, the Tam-Tam has a rim to it and the Nipple gong has a raised centre as well as a rim. The Gongs are made fro a variety of metals, most commonly copper alloy, bronze and brass.

At Pink Lotus we specialise mainly in the flat “Wind Gongs”. These are a hand hammered Gong which are then ornately etched with Buddhist symbols and mantras. These etched Gongs have been made in Nepal and the intricate designs have been made using the ancient, time-consuming method called the “Itching Process” which is similar to the acid etching process. We also carry the Chau (Tam-Tam) Gongs and also when possible Burmese Nipple Gongs. All Gongs supplied from us come with a felt mallet


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